WHAT WE DO (Our Focus)



Here at Odumehaje Medical Mission, we believe that Christ came to give man life in abundance and abundant life begins with knowing Him as Lord. So we share the love of Christ in word and in deed.


Statistics show that of the world's 28 poorest countries, 27 are in sub-Saharan Africa all with a poverty rate above 30%. The UN report of June 2018 show that Nigeria has the largest extreme poverty population, with nearly 50% of its population living in extreme poverty.
To reduce poverty especially in Nigeria, we implement sustainable programs aimed at empowering the poor villager, school drop out and girls affected by teenage pregnancy. So far, 51 people have benefited from our skill acquisition program across Benue State.

As we progress, we hope to set up a skill acquisition center in Odumehaje and scale up our trainings where the poor in this community and its environs can be trained in different skills. We look forward to expanding our skill trainings to other rural communities in the future.

Health & School Education

At OMM, we know that empowerment begins with an educated mind and educating a child is securing the future. We believe that every child should have access to good education regardless of the gender. So we bridge gender inequalities by encouraging especially, the girl child and women education.

Also, we hope to set up standard rural schools with incorporated adult education, strengthen those that are non functional by building capacity of the teachers and renovations of infrastructure. We also hope to spread out to other rural communities with similar settings with time. Our organization also gives scholarships to Orphans and disadvantaged children that she deems fit.


Ojilima Women Foundation(OWF) is currently building a mega hospital in collaboration with our organization in Odumehaje Community. We hope to make it a world class hospital and extend it to cover the large portion of land donated by the Community for this purpose. It will handle medical and surgical emergencies; and cold cases as well.

Odumehaje Medical Mission also renovated the only Local Government Clinic in Odumehaje Community in 2018, which was weathered since her operations in the village over ten years ago. As we progress, we hope to extend this gesture to other poor communities where there are no nearby Health care facilities and community members have to travel miles to get to one.

Futhermore, Odumehaje Medical Mission has signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Benue State chapter, to Pilot the Community Based Health Insurance Scheme in the entire rural Communities of Edumoga - the NGO's county. This will take affordable and sustainable health care closer to a larger population of the rural dwellers.

Our Medical Missions since inception have benefited over 21, 112 people across seven states of Nigeria, with Medical and Surgical interventions ranging from general surgeries, to maxillofacial(dental) to obstetrics/ gynecolognacological to pediatric operations, general outpatient consultations and drug distribution.


Since our NGO focuses on rural areas where land is not a challenge, we hope to help the people turn their fallow lands into plant and animal farms for food, to scale up their nutrition. We also teach with the aid of modern day technology how to cultivate organic foods and combine them to adequately meet their daily nutritional needs. We teach lifestyle medicine and the proper use of foods, fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables for disease prevention and management, for a healthier society.


The only way we can keep knowing how and where to help; what is working or not is through research. We hope to have a mega research Center at our head quarters in Odumehaje, where most of the field research will be Collated and analyzed. Also, it will be a training Center for upcoming researchers. Currently, data collected on the field in four research topics is being analyzed. Two other Protocols have been completed.


Both skilled and unskilled Health workers are grossly inadequate in the rural areas since most trained health workers live in the urban areas. We are committed at OMM to training health workers of various cadres. From Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), to Resident( Fellowship) doctors who will be willing to work in these rural communities.

So far, OMM has trained and certified four Community Health Workers and Nurse Aides, while four others are currently undergoing tutelage. Plan is underway to making our Hospital an approved center for Rural Posting and Tutelage for doctors in Fellowship in the future. We also hope to become a Research Institute for upcoming researchers.