Volunteers and Partners


Our volunteers are drawn from all walks of life. There's always something you too can do. Why not join us

Requirements to be a Volunteer:
  1. Be God fearing and morally upright.
  2. Have compassion for humanity.
  3. Be professionally or academically qualified with an up to date license AND/OR have the basic requirements for ministry.
Health Personnel Needed.
  1. Medical Doctors across all specialties, and Medical Officers.
  2. Pharmacists/ Pharmacy Technicians.
  3. Nurses in all specialties and Midwives
  4. Lab Scientists / Technicians.
  5. Physiotherapists.
  6. Radiologists / Radiographers.
  7. Medical Record Officers.
  8. Social Health Workers.
  9. Community Health Extension Workers
  10. Speech/ Occupational Therapists.
  11. Traditional Birth Attendants, Nurse Aids/Ward Aids.
  12. Nutritionists /Dietitians.
Non- Medical Personnel Needed.
  1. Administrators.
  2. Accountants.
  3. Auditors.
  4. Engineers ( Building, Computer etc)
  5. Secretaries / Clerks
  6. Cooks / Caterers
  7. Drivers.
  8. Maintenance staff.
  9. Store managers.
  10. Security experts.
  11. Entrepreneurs.
  12. Teachers/ Educators.
  13. Counsellors.
  14. Researchers.
  15. ICT experts.
  16. Youth/ Girl Child workers.
  17. Photographers /television, video and film producers.
Duration of Volunteerism. Volunteers can participate fully i.e. all days or partially (some days as is convenient for them) in all our outreaches and programs.