Martha Ngufan Odumu

Mrs. Martha Odumu is the co-founder and Program Manager of Odumehaje Christian Medical Mission. She helps shape the organization's activities to align with its vision, and provides oversight on its projects and events.
Mrs. Odumu is a certified Nurse and Midwife (RN, RM). She first worked as a bed side nurse at Ika Christian Hospital, Kogi State, and Bethesda Hospital Oju, Benue State, Nigeria.
She also worked for five years as the Adherence Nurse in the pediatric unit of Aids Prevention Initiative in Nigeria (APIN), Jos, Plateau State - an NGO supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the US government.
Mrs. Odumu has garnered several certificates in HIV , Counseling and Nursing, from local and International short courses and workshops. She has a few research publications to her credit, and is in view of a MPH from the university of Sheffield, UK.
Her passion for missions began to ignite when she served in the Rural Mission Hospitals. She was also challenged by the sacrifices of the NKST missionaries at Mkar - where she was born and bred - and how much impact their hospitals and schools made to her life and that of the Community that was socially and economically disadvantaged. She got her first missionary challenge from her parents who served sacrificially across NKST Mission Hospitals in Benue State; and the numerous complications she saw from patients brought in from far distances due to lack of nearby healthcare facilities and quackery were her strong motivations. She knew she would someday be of help to the less privileged.
Odumu is widely travelled and has experienced health care internationally. She seeks to domesticate her knowledge and experience in the rural communities where quality Health Care is a key issue.
At her spare time, Mrs Odumu enjoys reading, spending time with family, helping and encouraging people in whatever way she can.